New Video …

12 12 2008

… Tonight – promise!


Barry Manilow.

4 12 2008

He was just on tv singing. He looked in pain.

His face scares me.


17 11 2008

I’m back.

I have alot to say

Come back tomorrow 😉

I Want A Pet Fox.

29 10 2008

Yeah it sounds a tad obscure but I looked out my window just now and saw one trotting down the street looking for food. I watched it walk from the top of the road to the other end thinking, I want one, why get a cat OR a dog when you can get a dog type looking cat thing. So what if they rip off chickens heads, all they do is lay eggs and walk onto our plate with a delicious cheese and herb sauce.


28 10 2008

Today it was cold, so cold it made my face go cold 😦

But anyway the weather was weird today. I went into town and was sitting in Starbucks by the window. Looking up out the window there was a huge black cloud coming this way, something that could end the world, like massive? Anyway I go to my friends “that’s gonna rain it is”

Finally after me chanting a rain song in my head (something like “rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain … rain) But it didn’t come as rain. due to the coldness it turned the rain into hail. Which wasn’t any old hailstones. They were the size of Skittles and slushy. We then had a debate if it was snow or hail. Then overhearing our conversation, some member of staff leaned over and goes “Well I’m out there clearing the table up .. trust me there’s a bit of snow there”. (Seriously that was so weird, its not like we asked for your input. But one of the girls decided to run out into it so we all chased her out too.

Then I had to bike home in it with numb hands and numb cheeks. And it wasnt a quick 10 minute downhill, I had to ride over 3 miles … uphill. And after being warm inside, turns out around near London it had been snowing. Its October .. nor normal! Bring back summer 😦

Merry Christmas!

27 10 2008

It feels like the most unChristmasy time ever … but already , mid October there are adverts and Christmas gifts everywhere!

And this year after the credit crunch it doesn’t look like it’d be a great one. Early this month there was an advert on the ol’ tele box there was a Christmas ad for sofa deliveries. They guarantee that any sofa WILL be delivered before Christmas. And this was the first few days of October. Obviously it cant take more than 2 months to deliver a bit of leather, wood and cushion?

Knowing eveyoens luck itwill probably come Christmas Eve at 10PM … or later.


26 10 2008

If you just picture one and just think how annoying they are. I was queuing up in WHSmith (Google it Americans) buying Kerrang magazine and some bluetac to stick up the posters that come with it. There was this one guy at the tills. He then ran off to try and get some more staff. Then this woman and man came in the queue behind me. And started saying things like “SO NO ONE IS AT THE TILLS?! THIS IS DISGRACEFUL” then the guy came back with a some woman. Then he went up to the staff member and started moaning at the fact he should somehow magic up some more staff and maybe a servant to aid them walking around the shop.

I felt like turning round and telling him to shut up. Everything in life isn’t perfect – especially people like you!